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Fire Department provides proportional and non-proportional facultative reinsurance capacity to local insurance companies hence generating premium income in respect of fire risks in Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and incidental Turkish interests abroad, excluding USA and Canada.

Facultative reinsurance capacity provided for Fire Risks is determined in accordonce with the facultative underwriting guidelines and on the basis of various factors such as field of activity, location and fire riders.

Muhittin Karaman (0212) 231 47 30 - 1130/1131
(0212) 231 23 17 - Direkt
Erdem Torgul (0212) 231 47 30 - 1141

Accident Department provides proportional and non-proportional facultative reinsurance coverage in Engineering business for risks in Turkey, Turkish interests abroad, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Georgia; and in liability, casualty, health, aviation, agriculture and motor business for risks in Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Accident department provides facultative coverage mainly in:

• Contractor’s all risk, erection all risk, electronic equipment, machinery breakdown insurances in Engineering,

• Professional liability, product liability, employer’s liability, third party liability insurances in Liability,

• Livestock, greenhouse and crop insurances in Agriculture,

• Personal accident, theft, fidelity insurances in Casualty,

• Motor own damage, facultative motor liability insurances in Motor.


Haydar Eğrek (0212) 231 47 30 - 1112
Selçuk Ünal (0212) 231 47 30 - 1114
Asude Temelli (0212) 231 47 30 - 1124
  Marine Department provides cover, by way of facultative reinsurance on proportional or non-proportional basis, to insurance companies operating in Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Main classes of business offered by Marine Department are as follows:  
• Cargo Insurance  
• Hull Insurance  
  o Commercial Vessels,  
  o Yachts,  
  o Builders’ Risks,  
• Marine Liabilities  
  o Ship Repairer’s Liability,  
  o Marina Operator’s Liability.  
  Marine Department builds up and maintains a well-balanced marine portfolio with its effective underwriting strategy which takes into consideration rate, terms and conditions of insurance, retention, loss probability, loss experience.  
Bülent Akyüz (0212) 231 47 30 - 1150/1151
Ahmet Kayaarkası (0212) 231 47 30 - 1154

In this context , we participate in surplus, quota-share, per person XL and Cat XL treaties in respect of Life Business .

Death, personal accident (PA) , critical illness (CI) and involuntary unemployment cover is given under Life Insurances.

Neyir Can (0212) 231 47 30 - 1290/1291
Çağlar Aktaş (0212) 231 47 30 - 1184
Ertan Çepni (0212) 231 47 30 - 1293