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As a professional business association, FAIR is dedicated to the cause of regional cooperation and the development of the insurance industry in Afro-Asian Countries. Being part of this aim, FAIR Conferences are organized biennially in Africa or Asia in rotation, according to a decision from the General Meeting, which is the supreme authority of FAIR. FAIR General Meeting holds its sessions in the course of the FAIR Conference, to determine inter alia the general policy and work programme and to elect the President of FAIR and the Executive Committee which shall meet at least once yearly and shall exercise all the powers of the General Meeting unless the latter is in session.

The recent past conferences have been held as follows:

  1989- Beijing, China  
  1991- Khartoum, Sudan  
  1993- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
  1995- Cairo, Egypt  
  1997- Bali, Indonesia  
  1999- Tunis, Tunisia  
  2001- Manila, Philippines  
  2003- Harare, Zimbabwe  
  2005- Mumbai, India  
  2007- Marrakesh, Morocco  
  2009- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
  2011- Cairo, Egypt  
  2013- Beijing, China  
  2015- Cairo, Egypt  
  2017- Manama, Bahrain