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The Milli Re Art Gallery is a pioneering institutional gallery set up within the framework of a corporate gallery management approach and widely known for its exhibitions and publications.

The story of the Milli Re Art Gallery started in 1994 when Milli Re has reserved a section of its business complex in Teşvikiye for cultural activities, and set aside room for a library, an auditorium and a gallery in this section.

During the past eighteen years, the Milli Re Art Gallery has organized nearly 150 exhibitions, all of which were well received in art circles and followed with interest. The gallery has published more than one hundred books and catalogues with texts by famous Turkish and foreign authors and art critics.

The exhibitions put on display at the Milli Re Art Gallery also travel to other countries such as Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia and Finland. Besides the “Rural Architecture in the Eastern Black Sea Region” exhibition displayed at many universities and international museums both in Turkey and abroad since 2005, Mylasa Labraunda/Milas Çomakdağ Exhibition receives invitations from major museums and universities abroad.

All details on exhibitions and publications are available on www.millireasuranssanatgalerisi.com