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  Human Resources Policy    

Recognizing that people make up one of the primary strengths that helps it achieve its targets, Milli Re possesses a highly qualified work force that is loyal to the corporation, committed to the job, open to continuous learning and development. The Company’s Human Resources policy is built on the fundamental principles of recruiting the candidates possessing the qualifications relevant to the vacant position; providing the business environment that is conducive to working efficiently, productively and happily; protecting and observing financial and moral rights of employees, providing fair and equal opportunities of development and training in view of personal skills; enabling the building of social relationships that serve to motivate the individuals, and executing all internal processes efficiently.

  Recruitment of Staff    
  The following qualifications are sought in candidates for employment at Milli Re:

a) Turkish citizenship
b) Completion of 18 years of age and not being over 40 years of age
c) Not to have been dismissed, or considered to have withdrawn from the Company
d) No disability or old age pension entitlements from any fund, institution providing social security or from a similar establishment
e) Minimum high school diploma for officers and primary school diploma for other staff
f) No prior conviction for embezzlement, defalcation, malversation, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, breach of confidence, indirect bankruptcy, or other infamous acts, even if subsequently pardoned
g) Fulfilled military service
h) Unimpaired health conditions suitable for the applied position

  Job application    
  Job applications are made via personel@millire.com our corporate website and other communication means and stored in a pool.

When needed, applications are examined and candidates who are seen appropriate for the positions are contacted.

  Performance Management    
  Performance appraisals of employees are conducted on an annual basis in accordance with the Performance Appraisal System Guidelines of the Company; based on the results of the appraisals conducted, career planning is made and training needs are identified.    
  Training requirements identified according to performance appraisal results are used to formulate the training program, and employees are given opportunity to receive technical and personal development training in or out of Turkey as necessitated by their positions.    
  Ever since its establishment, Milli Re had the policy of investing in its work force so that the staff is promoted to managerial positions. Promotions are made in line with the Personnel Regulation and the principles set forth in the collective agreement, done with the Workers’ Trade Union, taking into consideration the results of Performance Appraisals.